Executive Committee 2024/26

Rojina Tamrakar


Rojina Tamrakar is deeply passionate about community service and promoting Nepalese culture in Australia’s multicultural landscape. Since 2019, she has served as Secretary and volunteer for the Nepali Society of Tasmania, working tirelessly to uplift the community and promote the Nepali language and culture among children.

With over 10 years of experience in finance and accounting, Rojina currently works in the Strategic Financial Management Unit of a local government body. Her professional journey has equipped her to advocate for social justice, equity, and women’s empowerment.

Rojina’s initiatives include:

  • Increase women’s participation in leadership.
  • Promote inclusion and diversity in Tasmania.
  • Provide capacity development and career coaching for skilled and newly arrived migrant.
  • Develop mental health and family violence programs.
  • Represents the Nepali community in the broader Tasmanian community.

Dedicated to volunteering, Rojina follows the philosophy of hard work, sustainable learning, and morality. In her personal time, she enjoys meditation and yoga, which keep her grounded and focused on her mission

Nirmal Aryal

Vice President

Nirmal Aryal is from Hobart, Tasmania, and holds a bachelor’s degree in professional accounting, providing him with a strong foundation in financial management and analysis.

Professionally, Nirmal serves as the Assistant Restaurant Manager at JBM Group, where he oversees daily operations, ensures exceptional guest experiences, and leads a dedicated team of professionals in the restaurant industry.

In addition to his professional commitments, Nirmal is honoured to be elected as vice-president at the Nepali Society of Tasmania (NEST). In this role, he works collectively with the team to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the Nepalese community in Tasmania. Managing the financial aspects of NEST’s initiatives has been a rewarding experience, allowing him to contribute significantly to the community.

Nirmal is excited to connect with others and exchange insights on accounting, restaurant management, and the incredible rewards of social volunteering. He welcomes questions and discussions on these topics and looks forward to sharing experiences and insights.

Deekchhya Basnet

General Secretary

Deekchhya is a dedicated and experienced nurse with nearly a decade of professional practice in the healthcare field. Her passion for nursing stems from a lifelong desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Throughout her career, she has committed herself to providing compassionate care and understanding the unique needs of the people she looks after. She is deeply passionate about helping others and contributing to the betterment of communities through education, healthcare, safety, health, and wellness. This commitment drives her ongoing efforts to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. She is proud to contribute to the health and happiness of those she serves and is continually inspired by the impact of her work.

Rabina Thapa


Rabina has been an active member of the community for many years, participating in various local initiatives and events. Her enthusiasm for community engagement has driven her to contribute her skills and time to help create a supportive and thriving environment for all community members.

 She is passionate about building strong, connected communities where everyone feels welcome and valued. Her aim is to bring people together through meaningful events and initiatives that make a positive impact. Her goal is to become the best version of herself every day to better serve her purpose. To this end, she enjoys reading personal development books, listening to podcasts, and networking for inspiration

Nasana Badyakar

Executive Member

Nasana is currently pursuing her nursing degree and working in the aged care industry. She is passionate about community work and contributes her time as a volunteer at Pathshala, a Nepali language school. Nasana enjoys spending time with young children, teaching them about language, culture, and values. She is committed to continuing her volunteer work and exploring more opportunities to serve her community.

Samhita Sharma

Executive Member

Samhita has been residing in Hobart, Tasmania for the last 16 years. Over this period, she has been involved in many Nepalese community programs since the formation of the Nepalese Society fourteen years ago. Witnessing significant growth in all dimensions of the community, as a executive member of the society, Samhita looks forward to further strengthening the Nepalese community and making its presence felt in broader Tasmanian society

Joshan Thapa

Executive Member

Joshan is the Director of Agri Labour Solutions TAS Pty Ltd, based in Tasmania. Originally from Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal, he has dedicated his career to enhancing the agricultural sector through innovative labour solutions. His professional journey is driven by the belief that “A simple act makes a huge difference,” a principle that guides both his personal and professional endeavours.

In addition to his role at Agri Labour Solutions, Joshan is privileged to serve as an executive member of the Nepalese Society in Tasmania. This role allows him to contribute to the cultural and social fabric of their community, fostering a sense of unity and support among Nepalese residents in Tasmania. He is deeply honored to be part of an organization that upholds the values of community service and cultural preservation.

Joshan’s commitment extends beyond his immediate professional responsibilities, as he actively engages in initiatives that promote sustainable agricultural practices and Labor rights. He believes in the power of collaborative efforts to drive meaningful change and is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional practices and modern agricultural needs.

Manoj Ghale

Executive Member

Manoj Ghale has been a resident of Hobart since 2019, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Since his arrival, Manoj has been deeply involved in social service and community initiatives, dedicating his efforts to fostering unity and growth within the diverse community. As the co-founder of Buddha Asian Grocery and the owner of GSM Service Solutions and KTM Remit, Manoj is committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. His passion for serving the community drives his goal to make the community bigger and brighter, contributing to its overall well-being and success.

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