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Nepalese New Year 2081

Nepalese Calendar is 56 years 8 months ahead of the Gregorian Calander. In the year 2024 AD, Nepalese Calander marked 2081BS. With a motive of sharing and promoting Nepalese culture in Tasmania, this year Nepali Society of Tasmania Celebrated Nepalese New Year 2081. This event was supported by City of Hobart, cultural grant.

This event was attended by more than 500 people and it had performances from Nepalese, Indian, Ukrainian, and Chinese Community. The main attraction of this event was a Live Nepalese Drama Play “Balti”, which is a story of Nepalese parents who visit their children and grandchild in Australia.

We also announced NEST STAR AWARD 2024. This prestigious NEST AWARD goes to a community volunteer who has been serving Nepali Society on an ongoing basis. Prabej Thapa was the recipient of this award.

The program also had Live Concert, DJ session and delicious Nepalese food. We had a fantastic evening celebrating the NEW YEAR 2081 Eve.

Some snaps of event

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