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Teej refers to the third day that falls every month after the new moon (amavasya), and the third day after the full moon night of every lunar month.

The festivals celebrate the bounty of nature, arrival of clouds and rain, greenery and birds with social activity, rituals, and customs. The festivals for women, include dancing, singing, getting together with friends, and telling stories, dressing up with henna-coloured hands and feet, wearing red, green, or orange clothes, sharing festive foods, and playing under trees on swings on Haryali Teej. The monsoon festival in Rajasthan is dedicated to Parvati.

On 17th September 2023, we celebrated the most important Nepalese Event “Teej” with our Pathasala Team, Children, and Parents. Through this celebration, we were aiming to pass our cultural celebration to the upcoming generation, plus we wanted to celebrate with all the community members. Participants enjoyed the event, and the delicious meal.

Some snaps of event

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